Working from home can be bliss.

Not only is it a chance to get some thinking space, but you can get away from the daily grind and just concentrate on your projects.

Lunch times are spent as a proper break and not just huddled over a desk. And if it's a nice day, the garden can provide the perfect spot to zone out while targeting a few rogue weeds...

With no commute, there's more time to relax and listen to the radio and even take some time out to pick your kids up from school or see the grandchildren.

Best of all – well, we think so anyway – it's a chance to design your own office. And not just based on the traditional corporate style. It's your home which makes it the perfect opportunity to design a space that works for you.

Not everyone fits into a set working environment. And if you've ever thought, "wouldn't it be great if I could just have..." - now's your chance.

So, get ready to feel inspired and make your home office yours.

Designing your own office space

Stepping into any communal office space and you'll see very similar layouts. And more often than not, the desks will be lined up or sat in clusters. There won't be much room for anyone to spread out and your only storage space will be a cabinet, carefully positioned in bashing distance of your knees...

And because of this traditional layout, it means we're almost conditioned to think that this is what a home office should look like. When in fact, your office can be set up however you like!

Working from home: office design and inspiration

1) A place for everything

Offices rarely have enough storage space. And even when they do, everything is usually tucked away in a stationery cupboard somewhere. It's easy to automatically confine yourself to a space that maintains that traditional setup. But in actual fact, it's your home and you're free to work in whatever way suits you best.

Avoid piling things up on your desk or stuffing spare books and pens into your drawers. Keep things accessible with some sets of cube furniture. These help to keep your office tidy as well as looking nice. Change up the fabric drawers to suit your colour theme and access your things quickly and easily.

2) Spread out

You might be used to having one office desk, but if you have the room, there's no reason why you can't spread out over several! Limiting yourself to a small amount of space to fit your written notes as well as your computer can mean your office starts to feel cluttered.

Spread out and have different desks for different tasks. That way, you can have more space to breathe, think and arrange your things.

stunning scandinavian themed office with white desk and chair and lots of fresh accessories

3) A room with a view

Many of us would love to be looking out across the sea or rolling hills as we work. But unfortunately, we're not all that lucky! But that doesn't mean all is lost. If your view out of the window is more bland than grand, hang a few inspirational pictures up on the wall to energise you throughout your working day.

It might be that you hang up some family portraits, a picture of the beach or simply some inspiring colours to gaze upon while you work. Anything that allows you to get some creative space while you relax and let your eyes readjust.

4) Are you sitting comfortably?

Traditional office chairs are perfect for allowing you to sit in a comfortable position to type, draw, write and proof.

But when you need to be creative, sometimes the traditional upright seat can leave you feeling a bit uninspired. Change your view on the world with a number of seating options around the room.

Armchairs, squashy stools or even a faux fur bean bag might just do the trick and they're super comfortable too! These are also great if you have a few craft projects on the go – an ideal screen break opportunity...

5) Block out the noise

One of the drawbacks of working from home is that you're almost instantly prone to distraction. Family members, pets, the postman and next door's TV can all add up to create a noisy environment.

Keep your work space quiet and peaceful by adding in a few noise-cancelling features. These can include soft furnishings such as a rug or curtains over the door. And if you have wooden floors, features such as door sweeps are also inexpensive and easy to install.

As you can see, creating an office space is all about making a space that works for you. Think about how you work best and what you need to do your job well. And don't be afraid to go against the norm and design an office that you love being in and that truly inspires you.

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