Christmas Day has been and gone. The presents have been opened, the chocolates scoffed, and the remains of the turkey, merrily stuffed into sandwiches.

For many of us, the holidays are a well-earned break away from the bustle of work and the daily routine. But for kids? It’s a different story.

Fuelled on Quality Street, they’re full of energy – and probably not entirely sure what to do with it. And if you haven’t yet experienced at least one holiday-related tantrum, then it’s a Christmas miracle.

Below is our ultimate guide on keeping the kids entertained over Christmas, so that everyone stays happy during the holidays.

Keeping the kids busy over the Christmas holidays

1) Get arty

The school holidays are the perfect time for kids to get away from all the things they have to do and focus their free time on the things that they really enjoy doing. This is also a great way of helping develop their interests and something new!

Help them feel inspired at home and set up a creative corner. All you need is a wooden drawing board and stool set. You can set it up together or leave it as a surprise for when they get home. Ideal for doing homework as well as drawing, writing and painting; it’s perfect for almost any age!

young girl using her wooden drawing table with stool to do some arts and crafts

2) Get organised

With all the festivities going on over the course of the Christmas holidays, it’s natural for everything to get a little messy. The leftover wrapping paper, the piles of opened presents and the slowly diminishing buffet.

Kids love to be kept busy and although they might not love chores, by turning tidying-up into a game, you might just be able to make it their new favourite thing.

Help them get back into a routine as well as find a home for all their new toys, with a colourful storage unit for kids. They’re perfect for getting a little extra room as well as storing all their new things.

colourful kids storage unit with red yellow and blue boxes for toys books and stationery

3) Get cosy

Unless there’s snow, winter is rarely fun. It’s cold, wet and windy, so having some time indoors is great for snuggling up and getting away from the horrible weather.

And if you’re in the mood to stay indoors, why not help them build a reading corner? Pile up the cushions and the fluffy blankets, and while you’re at it, put all of their new books into one of our wooden bookshelves for kids.

Not only fun to create but also provides the perfect place for bedtime stories. Decorate with fairy lights and you’re ready for some quiet time.

cute pink sling bookshelf for kids books

4) Create a garden patch

Even though the weather might not be the best, Christmas is actually one of the best times to start clearing up the garden during winter. Get the children involved in getting rid of some of the fallen leaves and then allocate them a little patch of their own. That way, they can have fun planting a few bulbs or creating their own fairy garden with ornaments and coloured stones.

5) Get back-to-school ready

If your children are a little older and exams are looming, then there are lots of ways you can help them prepare for the months ahead.

Staying organised and having a place for all their textbooks and stationery is one of the best ways to make sure they’re ready for the new term. Why not get them some cube furniture for their room. This will give them an ideal focus point for splitting out all their books into subjects so they can keep on top of their studies.

6) Have a baking and cooking day

Baking is a great way to keep children busy. It’s fun, creative and takes up a good amount of time so that they stay entertained. Cookies and cupcakes are the perfect option for stocking up the treats cupboard. Or if you have had enough of the sweet stuff, why not make homemade pizzas? They can even make the dough from scratch and have fun choosing their own toppings!

7) Movie night Christmas

Day may be over for another year but there’s still a whole load of Christmassy movies showing on TV. So why not take it as a great opportunity to have a movie night? Make it really fun and special by preparing special movie night boxes the day before.

All you need is a storage crate, and then you can fill it with bags of popcorn, pick and mix, drinks cups and homemade movie night tickets!

8) Get crafty

Sometimes, having fun is all about getting messy. Children love to use their hands to make something really bright and colourful. There are lots of easy things you can make with your children. From slime, to playdoh to origami!

9) Head to the beach

Get a breath of fresh air and let off some steam with a long walk on the beach. It might not be the perfect weather for paddling, but it’s a great way for everyone to burn off some energy and get away from the confines of the living room.

Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing some cheeky chips on the way home!

10) Have a game day

Playing games together is a great family activity. It could be a boardgame, puzzle game or even a virtual game!

And if you fancy something a bit more energetic, why not create your own treasure hunt? It’s a great way to hide all the leftover chocolates around the house as well as get the children playing and having fun together.

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