Everyone loves a trend.

This doesn’t mean everyone loves the current trends – far from it. It might be that you love vintage or something that’s a bit more classic. But either way, trends demonstrate style, inspiration and design. And most importantly, they can also give us a sense of belonging – which is especially important for our homes.

Even if you’re not someone who likes to follow the crowd, new trends are great for bringing in a fresh wave of ideas and inspiration.

And now that the New Year has finally settled in, there are lots of gorgeous new looks heading our way.

To help, we’ve picked out some of this year’s most stunning trends and paired them with ideas on how you can recreate them – without the fashionable price tag!

Our top five favourite trends for 2019

1) Go industrial

Flicking through the magazines, industrial-styled homes tend to be old, abandoned factories with huge spiralling staircases, open brick walls and barely a cushion in sight.

In reality, this doesn’t describe many homes. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from that edgy, industrial look and scale it down to something that suits a more everyday setting.

These Tall Industrial Design Tables and Copper Bar Stools are great for giving your home a touch of the contemporary, without having to go all out. The clean lines and dark colours fit right in with the look for 2019 and the stylish finish makes them ideal for entertaining guests.

And when you’re relaxing at home, they’ll give mealtimes that extra touch of elegance – even if you are just having a glass of wine in your pjs...

industrial style office with large windows in a scrapbook style

2) Get personal

2019 is all about making things your own. Not just in terms of surrounding yourself with your own things! But it’s about taking the opportunity to make your home unique.

A really simple and lovely way to do this is by creating your own furniture. Sounds complicated! But with Hairpin Legs it’s actually really easy and gives you a great finish.

You can use them to either upcycle an old table or create something completely new from an old piece of wood. Or why not seek out some reclaimed wood from a local yard or store? You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get hold of! Then all you need to do is attached the legs to the bottom et voilà! You have your very own unique table or shelf ideal for books, plants and photos.

3) Go for gold

Gold, brass and metallics are going to really shine out this year! But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on precious metals to bring your home fully up-to-date.

These Gold Storage Ottomans are ideal for giving your home a touch of luxury – without breaking the bank. They double up as fantastic storage too which makes them ideal for hiding away all your essentials when guests pay a surprise visit!

stunning storage with gold detailing on a scrapbook

4) Go monochrome

Neutral tones are great for giving you a blank canvas. Whether it’s grey, cream or a pastel shade, you can use them to your heart’s content and then accent using something a bit brighter. Black and white are this year’s new grey – which we still love by the way. But by going monochrome, you can create strong lines and confident looks, without it being too much.

Black and white is also great if you love the Art Deco look from the early twentieth century. Another trend for 2019.

Why not start small with these contemporary Nests of Tables? Available in black or white, they’re ideal for accessorising any room.

black and white bedroom in a scrapbook style

5) Get more lush

The 2019 trend? To create your very own urban jungle. Basically, that means getting more houseplants. And to be honest, that’s never going to be a bad thing. Plants are great for adding splashes of colour, cleaning the air and softening corners. They also complement pretty much any colour, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting all the 2019 trends or not, having a bit of extra greenery in your home can only be a good thing.

These 5 Tier Adjustable Wire Shelving Units are great for helping you create your very own indoor garden. And if the plants die and you give up, you can easily use them for storing chocolate and wine instead!

living room area with lots of plants in a scrapbook style

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