Many parents will understand just how much of an impact having kids has on your home.

As if having little ones running around wasn’t enough! Your sofa is now covered in blankets and soft toys, your DVD collection has been replaced by a selection of jigsaw puzzles, and your wine glasses are now squashed behind a colourful array of bottles and juice cups.

And as much as you’ve become accustomed to finding a teddy’s flattened face staring back at you after realising you’ve been sat on him all evening, there comes a point when you need to reclaim your home.

After all, it is your space too.

But tidying everything away all the time is tiring – and can feel a little bit futile when you know that, come 6am tomorrow, it’ll all be back, scattered across the living room floor.

The trick is, to have storage solutions that are quick and easy to use – especially places that your children can access so they can help! That way, tidying doesn’t become so much of a chore. And when the day is over, and they’ve gone to bed, you still get your time and space to relax and chill out (that’s if they let you!).

So, what’s the answer?

Check out our top five storage hacks below that are ideal for anyone who has little time, little space and little children!

Kids’ toy storage

1) What’s hiding under the bed?

Under bed storage boxes are a fantastic way of getting extra storage space without needing extra room. And they don’t just need to be put under the bed either. They can be popped under coffee tables and tucked away in corners, really easily. Simply open the lid, chuck everything in, close and you’re done!

The carry handles on the sides mean the boxes can be moved around easily. And the natural, woven finish means they’ll fit in with almost any interior – helping you to enjoy a toy-free zone while you relax.

gorgeous cottage themed bedroom with wooden features and under bed storage

2) Sitting behind closed doors

Storage crates are another great way for storing not just toys, but the endless amounts of pens, pencils and crayons your children seem to have!

Having little boxes that are easily accessible are also great for keeping short activities within easy reach. Ideal for the times when your child needs to wait for their younger sibling to have their nappy changed (again) or simply decide what socks they want to wear today – a tough decision for many toddlers.

Our Shabby Chic Storage Crates come in both white and grey, and have lovely heart-shaped handles which are perfect for little hands. And when you’re all done, they can be slid under the sofa or stashed in a corner, ready for the evening.

white storage crates with heart handles and childrens toys inside

3) Set the benchmark

Great for the hallway, living room, landing, bedroom or even the bathroom, storage benches are so useful when you have children. They can store toys, wellies, coats, extra blankets, bath toys – the list goes on.

Quick and easy to use, your children can access their things during playtime, and when it’s time to tidy up, it won’t take them long to place everything back in its place.

Especially useful when it comes to putting on their shoes or drying their hair, you’ll quickly find having the extra seat comes in handy too!

Ideal for hiding everything away when they’ve finally gone to bed, they’re very much toy boxes in disguise!

4) Little cubes of delight

When you don’t have a big home, finding extra space to store the ever-growing pile of toys can be a real challenge.

The thing is, you don’t need to create one single space for everything. Sometimes, it can be much simpler to tuck things away where they will fit.

Two tier cube units can be really helpful at hiding all those little bits and pieces that your children love to collect, without taking up too much room.

They can also be used for things like TV remotes and magazines, so as your children get older, you won’t be left with furniture you’re no longer going to use.

The fabric boxes can easily be replaced too – just in case the felt tips have decided to leak again...

young girl using her drawing table in her bedroom with a grey cube storage storing her homework

5) Over the door

Sometimes we forget just how much storage space doors can provide. A simple hook placed here and there can hold so much. From blankets, to dressing-gowns, baby grow bags, muslin cloths and even dressing up clothes.

Over Door Hooks can be moved around the house to suit you and you don’t need to do any DIY to put them up!

Another fantastic resource that’s quick and easy to use and perfect for getting your children’s things off the sofa and out of sight.

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