Kids are small, they don’t take up much space – right?

Anyone who has children knows just how wrong this is. In fact, trying to accommodate your little ones, as well as all of their accompanying Furbies, Trolls, slime pots and Lightsabers, can be a real headache.

And if you’re currently sat, buried under a small duvet of Lego, you’ll know what we mean.

The answer? Cube storage.

A home within a home

If reaching for a DVD brings with it an avalanche of books about ravenous caterpillars and a fox’s socks, then read on.

A lot of parents know exactly what it’s like to be stood barefoot on the landing at 3am cursing the small metal plane they’ve just stepped on, because it hasn’t been tidied away.

But having somewhere to assign your child’s ever-growing toy collection can be expensive and really exhaust your remaining available space.

Additionally, having storage is not just about having somewhere to put things. We need simple storage. Storage that is quick to use, easy to organise and can be delved into at a moment’s notice to soothe tears and restore happiness.

Storage that fits into our homes. Cube furniture is a great storage solution. Available in a range of sizes, you can dot around the room or use as a central piece. You can also choose different coloured boxes to match the room’s theme.

For example, multi-coloured is great for playrooms and the more muted tones are ideal for living rooms. You could even choose different colours to denote different items or belongings – green for one person’s things, and blue for the other, or pink for paint stuff and white for dressing up clothes.

Here are our top 9 things to store away in your Cube Furniture Unit:

image of hartleys 9 cube storage unit with arrows pointing to each drawer

1) Clothes – kids go through clothes so quickly – especially when they’re young. One day, their clothes fit, the next they don’t. And if you’re putting off going to the charity shop to save them for your littlest, then finding places to put them all, can be tricky. Cube furniture is great for storing clothes, socks, spare coats and more. Fold them up, tuck them away and get them out again whenever you need!

2) Drawings – regretting the art set you bought your kids for Christmas? If the fridge, notice board and kitchen door are all covered in your children’s artwork, then you’ll need to come up with a plan B. And if quietly tucking them inside cornflake boxes on recycling day isn’t an option, then cube storage is great for all those mini-masterpieces you get handed on an hourly basis. Place inside folders or simply open the drawer, stuff, close, and wait to be handed more illustrations of houses/monsters/disproportionate renditions of daddy’s face.

3) Soft toys – there are many children out there who have faced the same problem time and time again. Too many soft toys and not enough space. It’s not too bad during the day. That’s when you’ll find various animals dispersed around the house – perhaps enjoying a tea-party or face down in some beans. But when it comes to bed time, the soft toy sleep over can get a little overcrowded. And let’s face it, Bernie Bear is starting to look a little jaded from waking up on the floor each morning. Give them a home and free up some space with a soft toy drawer. Great for de-cluttering the bedroom and most importantly, helping your kids get a good night’s sleep.

4) Swimwear – how often does swimwear get left in the bag until it's found a week later, right before when they need it next? Keep on top of their goggles, trunks and cossies using a cube storage drawer. That way you can always check if it's been put through the wash or still sat in a school bag somewhere...

5) A home for things that don’t have a home – found a missing piece but not sure where it’s from? Discovered an unidentifiable nugget of plastic down the sofa but can’t think what it goes with? You know these things are important and you know that one day, you will solve the mystery, but until then – what do you do? Our solution? Have a dedicated junk drawer. Everything you’re not sure about, or will sort later, you can place in pending while you deliberate its purpose and origin.

6) Pet stuff – if your child’s pet lives in their bedroom, then having food, hay and bedding close by is great for helping them take responsibility for it. But this means of course, finding a place for all the kibbles, toys and shredded paper. The answer? A pet food drawer! Great for storing away all their pet’s treats to keep little Nibbles fed, watered and cared for.

7) PE kits – this includes football gloves, trainer socks and all the other things that inconveniently go missing the night before their next PE lesson. Keep it all together for easy prep and to avoid those frantic, late night panics as you search the dog bed for shin guards.

8) Treasures drawer – and when we say “treasures” this includes your child’s rock, shell and dead leaf collection – you have our sympathies. And whatever your kids have taken a shine to, they’ll need a place to put them. Little gift boxes and tote bags are great for keeping collections together, and things like soaps can easily be wrapped up in tissue paper to keep them fresh. Place them inside the drawer until finally their interest fades and you can replace said collection with the latest gathering of tat objets d’arts.

9) Hats – especially hats for little heads. They never seem to hang on hooks properly, they get lost when stuffed into pockets…wait, do they go in the sock drawer? Who knows. Well, we do, because we’ve discovered hat drawers are extremely helpful. And they’ll certainly ease those chilly mornings, running around while trying not to miss the school bus.


Ready to cube up?

We hope you’ll feel inspired by our suggestions but of course do feel free to dedicate your cube storage to whatever you desire.

For example, if your sewing kit has been tossed under the bed to make way for Barbie’s Dream Camper Van, then why not give Barbie her very own, dream drawer, for instant space-saving happiness.

Library books, fidget spinners, Pokémon – you name it – there’s a drawer for it.

We’ve based our list on a 9 Cube Storage Unit, but they come as small as two-drawer and go up from there.

Square, tall and stair-style units – that you can build up and fill with as much or as little as you like.

Cube furniture – the ideal storage solution for your home!