Have you always longed for your bathroom to look like the ones from the adverts? A tumbling waterfall shower, hanging cherry blossoms and expensive creams. Do you yearn for little rolled up towels and scented candles? In reality, are you surrounded by a scatter of old bottles, bath toys and bleach?

You’re not alone.

But it doesn’t take much to create that display-style bathroom that you have always dreamed of. And when it comes to having somewhere that has all the things you need but still looks beautiful, it really is about simple storage solutions. Clearing away the clutter in seconds to make way for relaxed mornings, soothing showers and sleepy bubble baths.

And so many people think a tidy bathroom is all about having lots of space. But you can just as easily have a large, messy bathroom. The bathroom is a practical space, as well as a place to feel refreshed and revived. So, you’re bound to have lots of things in there which you will need. The key is hiding it away so when it’s not being used as a practical space, you still have the opportunity to use it as a relaxing space.

So, grab the Radox and get ready to be the envy of all your friends.

1) Bathroom cabinets

Cabinets are great hiding away all your essentials so that you're left with a clear and tidy space to relax in. And if you're worried you don't have space, there are actually lots of cabinets that are designed for smaller bathrooms that will fit in even the smallest of spaces. Look for under sink cabinets and wall mounted cabinets for that much needed storage without making it too much of a squeeze. They're great for hiding away all your medicines, dental products and hair products so all the little pots and tubs are tucked away when it's time to clean. Drawer cabinets are also great storage and don't take up very much room – great for organising all your things in an instant!

2) Cube storage

Cube furniture makes great storage and is great for helping you keep your rooms neat and tidy. The colourful fabric drawers will keep all your essentials tucked away - spare towels, bath toys, cleaning products, shampoo, first aid and hand soap, and you can even theme the drawers to fit in with your colour scheme. Cube furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so if you don't have room for the 9 Cube Unit, there are lots of other smaller and taller options, so you can fit in as much or as little as you like. You don't have to opt for the drawers either. Cube units are great for getting some extra shelf space – ideal if you prefer to have all your favourite things on display. And if you still don't have room, cube units are great for the hallway, so you can keep all your essentials nearby while keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free.

3) Storage baskets

Having little baskets is great if you need to move lots of little things at once. Perhaps your skincare routine involves lots of little creams, toners and cleansers? Makeup, contact lens equipment, shaving products, bath bombs and shower gel miniatures, can all be chucked in organised and moved around without dropping a flurry of products all over the floor. They can be stacked, stored away in drawers or tucked up on shelves to be taken down and stored away whenever you need. This basket shelf is perfect if you're looking for extra storage space as well as somewhere to hang your towels and dressing gown, without taking up space in your bathroom!

4) Ladder shelves

Even though these look great in any room, ladder shelves were really born to be placed in the bathroom. So stylish, easy to use, modern and great for displaying all those luxury items to treat yourself with. Take your bathroom from a space you need, to a space you simply adore. Enjoying your creams, rolling up towels, decorating with flowers and keeping your oil diffusers. The type of piece your eye is automatically drawn to when relaxing in the bath, you can use ladder shelves to put all your ornaments and decorative items on. It's the perfect hack for giving your bathroom that overall spa-theme you've been looking for.


5) Floating shelves

Easy to put up, floating shelves are a great way to get instant space for all your essentials without taking up precious floor space around your bathroom. You can have as few or as many as you like. So, it doesn't matter whether you're just looking for somewhere to put your toothpaste and hairbrush, or you want a whole collection of them to store all your beauty products! Arrange neatly in parallel to each other, or why not get creative and dot around the room for a modern look? These floating cube shelves are great if you're looking for something eye-catching and a bit different for your bathroom.

6) Shower tidy

When it comes to storage, it's all about ease of use. One of the best ways to keep your bath tidy and your shelves clear, is by having a shower tidy. Simple but effective, these can be installed in the corner of your shower or bath and will hold all your washing essentials. Soaps, gels, facewash and exfoliators, whatever you like to use, these shelves will take care of. The mesh shelves allow for water to drain and the stainless-steel finish makes them water resistant as well as clean and modern looking. They also don't require any wall fittings, so they're ideal if you're renting (or dangerous when it comes to drills).

7) Storage bench

Somewhere to put all your cleaning products and spare towels as well as an extra seat for pyjamas and dressing gowns. Storage benches are life savers and can be used in pretty much any room around the house – as well as the bathroom. How often have you slung your towel over the closed lid of the toilet only to see it slide off onto the floor? How many times have you needed to perch somewhere while you painted your toe nails? Need somewhere to relax while you let your facemask soak in? Or even just perch the kids while you dry them off? Storage benches are a great way to get your bathroom looking clear, clean and clutter free. Easy to use, they're a simple way to keep everything tucked away while you relax.

8) Dressing table

Dressing tables can work really well in the bathroom. It's an ideal place for one – especially if you're a fan of using loose powders and finishing spray. Using your beauty products in a room that can be cleaned easily, with bright lights, can be really useful for your daily routine – and for keeping your house clean! And if you have small children, being able to do your make up in peace behind a locked door might just really help give you the time and space you need on a daily basis. And if you like to spend time on your hair, having a sink nearby while you work can be really useful.

9) Hooks

If you don't already have hooks in your bathroom, you don't know what you're missing out on. So many things around the bathroom can be hung up: towels, bath brushes, flannels, dressing gowns, poufs, shower caps, shower gels – almost anything! A great space saver that's quick and easy to use.

Once you're all done, tie your room together with accent pieces to create a theme. Perhaps you want to go for a cool aqua blue, strawberry red or fresh lime green? Or perhaps you prefer the spa feel and want to go for teal and deep purple?

Whatever you choose, getting some storage into your bathroom – no matter how big or small – will instantly help to de-clutter your surfaces and make your bathroom a much more relaxing space to be.

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