Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Not only dreaming big when we we’re still small, but hearing kids chat about things like what they want to be when they grow up as well as what adventures are next on the list.

Creative play that really taps into a child’s imagination is really important for development and emotional wellbeing. Not only does it let them express themselves freely, but it allows them to find a positive outlet for their feelings and experiences.

And by doing this in a safe and loving environment, children are able to develop their creativity confidently.

Drawing in particular is a great way for children to explore ideas as well as talk to you about what they might be thinking and feeling. It’s also a chance for them to find ways of using new colours, paints and materials so they can develop their artistic style.

And when they’re done, you can help them celebrate their creativity and unique way of thinking.After all, we’re all different!

Drawing stuff with Harriet

To celebrate kids and all the wonderful things they say and do, we’ve put together a mini series of videos. Watch the first in the series below to find out what happens when 10-year-old Harriet sits down to draw an adventure in space...

Set up a drawing station

Feeling inspired? Set up your own drawing station at home – for kids big and small – with one of our wooden drawing boards. They’re great for providing children with a dedicated space to use their imagination and get creative.

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