Creating something new is not always easy. Sometimes it’s about having the space to think or making a connection that allows you to process new ideas. It can be about finding the beauty in something, or simply allowing your mind to go blank so that your subconscious can take over.

Inspiration is the source of creation and expression – so where can we find it?

Drawing is a wonderful way to express ourselves – what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling and how we see the world. And it doesn’t matter how often you draw, we all need a place to start.

Top 10 inspirational places to draw:

1) People watching in the city


People can be fascinating. And watching them walk, talk and interact with each other can be inspirational. The emotions they show in their faces, their body language – it all adds up to tell a story. And seeing what other people are going through and how they live their lives, how they operate – this can all be used to spark off your imagination, giving you ideas on what to draw next. Find a bustling coffee house or a bench/step amidst the crowds and just relax and observe.

2) Under the stars


Night time can be a great occasion to relax and contemplate the day that’s been and the day ahead. It’s a peaceful time when the world quietens. Just having that space to think can make all the difference when trying to find that all important inspiration. Find somewhere cosy and low lit, or even take some time out on the patio under a clear night’s sky. Gaze up into the stars and let your mind wander.

3) Out in the countryside


Heading out into the countryside is the perfect place to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking for some quiet time, want to observe the natural world or just absorb the vibrant colours of the flora that lies beyond the city. And whether you choose to wander through the woods, gaze at open water or perch on a hill, there is always something new to see and be inspired by.

4) By the sea


It’s almost natural for humans to stop and stare every time they see the sea. It’s one of the reasons why so many of us head towards the beach on our holidays. It’s the place we choose to go when we want to zone out and relax. The waves peacefully drifting in and out, the soft sand and uninterrupted horizon. They all add up to a calming and inspirational experience.

5) Rising above it all


There’s something about being high up that can quite literally heighten our awareness. Some people enjoy the exposure and just having a vantage point on the world. Others love the space and feeling of freedom it provides. Whether you’ve hiked up the nearest hill or just climbed up the steps of the local cathedral, rising above the landscape is brilliant for refreshing your aspect on life.

6) Inspiration from water


Still, flowing, running or falling, water is great for giving you inspiration. The clarity, the ever-changing ripples – there’s something about its disregard for the mundane that makes it both intriguing and energising. Find a spot to sit and watch, and let your ideas gently rise to the surface.

7) Out in the garden


There’s something about sitting outside that really sharpens your senses. Not only that, but if you’re someone who really enjoys sitting in your own outdoor space, there’s so much satisfaction to be taken from enjoying the garden you have worked so hard to cultivate. Experience the fresh morning dew, the afternoon sun, the evening haze and the clear stars at night – all in the quiet and safety of your own home.

8) In an art gallery


If you’re looking to draw, seeing the work of others can be a real inspiration. It’s interesting to see what angle other people have taken or appreciating their style and this in turn can be the spark you are looking for to create something new. Art galleries are often quiet and there are lots of places to sit and contemplate the world – ideal for inspiration.

9) Somewhere historical


Thinking about the world and of lives gone past can be very humbling. Appreciating what people went through and the lives they lived. Ruins especially can be very grand and beautiful to look at. They tell a story and there’s always plenty of detail to get lost in and be inspired by. Cathedral grounds, ruined abbeys and even more well-known sites such as Stone Henge are also brilliant for enlightenment.

10) Places of natural beauty


Each county, wherever you go, has a part of it which is special. Something eye-catching – it might be a dramatic landscape, or a cliff face, perhaps a waterfall or a beautiful public garden – they’re all places you can go to admire. And when it’s a feature that is unique to that area, it makes it even more special – and inspirational – as you know there’s no-where else like it in the world.

A journey of inspiration

Inspiration is about nourishing our innate desire to design, craft and invent. Being inspired is about finding something and making it better or even more personal to you. And perhaps drawing allows you to show others how you see the world. So, wherever you find your inspiration, go there regularly, seek new experiences and never stop creating.

Ready to get drawing?

Drawing can be done almost anytime and anywhere. And when you’re looking to put the finishing touches to your piece, our Hartleys Drawing Boards are perfect for giving you the space you need to really bring your drawings to life.