Buying for children can be tricky. There are so many things that they need – and so many things that they want – the list can sometimes be endless!

And with Christmas right around the corner, many parents can be sure an influx of toys from various friends and family members will be on its way. So, if you’re looking for gifts that will be fun and useful, getting them some fun furniture for their room could be just the ticket.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s toys, a bigger bed or a pair of new wellies, kids love getting new things. And giving them an opportunity to change up their bedroom, play and create a space that they love, is a great way to capture the excitement of Christmas.

Here are our top five picks for your children this December 25th.

Best Christmas gifts for kids

1) Kids Bedroom Set

Whether you’ve just moved house or simply want to spruce up their bedroom, our Kids Bedroom Set is a simple and effective way to bring everything together quickly and easily. With a splash of colour here and there, the set includes everything they need. A bookshelf for all their favourite bedtime stories, an ottoman stool for hiding away blankets and washing while giving you somewhere to perch. There are shelves for extra storage – without taking up precious floor space. And of course, one of our cube storage units which is perfect for keeping hold of all their new toys.

These sets are extremely popular and the whole thing is under £100. Great for single and shared bedrooms alike, and something that will suit both boys and girls – perfect!

Price: £94.95

gorgeous bedroom furniture set with a white finish and yellow and grey accessories

2) White and Grey 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

This White and Grey 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet is super sweet and perfect for children's bedrooms. Not just as bedside cabinets but they can be placed almost anywhere and are perfect for keeping hold of books and toys. They’re also great for hiding away essentials such as nappies, creams and wipes.

They come complete with little heart handles which is a wonderful symbol of love and something they’ll really treasure. And because of the simple design, the cabinet is perfect for any age, any room and any style.

Price: £29.95

3) 3 Tier Colourful Childrens Storage Unit

Bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms – when you’re a parent, there’s no limit as to where you’ll find toys. If they’re not underneath the sofa cushions or inside the washing machine, you’re doing well!

Not only is our 3 Tier Childrens Storage Unit fun and colourful, but it’s a great place for kids to keep all their jigsaws, colouring books and teddy bears. The top storage boxes have lids and are great for stashing away smaller items such as Lego. And the side pockets can hold anything from pencils and rubbers to fidget spinners.

The fabric containers have handles making them easy for kids to take in and out. And children who love to organise can have fun rearranging the boxes to make sure everything is in its place.

A fantastic buy.

Price: £16.95

4) Drawing Board With Stool

Kids love to be creative and our Wooden Drawing Board is the perfect way to get them feeling inspired for the new year. Whether they love to colour, write, paint or are need a quiet space to do their homework, these tables give them a space that’s quiet and away from the bustle of the kitchen table.

There are drawers for keeping hold of books and tablets. And there are pots and slots for keeping hold of things like rulers, pens and pencils.

The stool is set at just the right height for working and the top board can be adjusted to the right angle for working. Perfect as a main present, children will love this not just for Christmas but for years to come.

Price: £74.95

young girl in her bedroom with her brand new drawing table the perfect christmas present

5) Shabby Chic Storage Crates

Our Storage Crates come in four different colours: white, blue, grey and pink. They’re stackable and have little cut-out heart handles making them a lovely addition to any child’s room. And because storage is always useful, they’re ideal for keeping anything from toys, to stationery to little beauty sets in.

Children can bring them out whenever they like, and when they’re done, simply stack them back up again to save on floor space. They’re perfect for keeping hold of all their new things on Christmas day as well as a secret stash of toffees and chocolates for later on!

Each set comes with three boxes and you can even buy more than one set to make a feature out of them.

Price: £23.95 a set

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Order before December 17th 2018 to make sure you get everything in time for Christmas!