Foods Summer is officially here and it doesn't matter where you are in the world, having at least one barbecue is pretty much a must.

Burgers, sausages, chicken kebabs – all the classics – job done.

But if you're firing up your outdoor grill with more eye roll than bread roll, perhaps it's time for change.

And if you're looking for something a little bit different, look no further. As we have put together some of the best, alternative barbecue foods to kickstart your summer.

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Best barbecue foods

1) Chilli garlic prawn skewers

Prawns are perfect for special occasions and fresh, marinated prawns sizzling on a hot grill is definitely a fantastic way to get your guests lining up for more. Simple and tasty, brush your prawns with garlic oil and chilli and then pop them on some bamboo skewers before putting on them on a hot grill to cook right through.

And if you're feeling extra fancy, serve them up with lemon wedges and plenty of steamed rice and salad for a beautiful, summery dish that's light – and extremely moreish.

2) Barbecue baby potatoes

Barbecues tend to be pretty meat heavy. And looking for something to fill up on that isn't meat – or bread – can sometimes be a little tricky. To add flavour and variety to your barbecue, having some smoky, barbecue potatoes on offer is a fantastic accompaniment to your main meal.

Parboil some baby potatoes and then once they're drained, pop them onto some foil. Season and brush with olive oil. Close the foil up and pop the parcel onto the barbecue to finish cooking.

And if you're catering for vegetarians – or just fancy something a bit different – potatoes work really well on the barbecue. Whether it's baby potatoes, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes dressed in olive oil, a little garlic and a sprinkle of cumin and cinnamon. Perfect on their own or as a side to sticky chicken wings and grilled peppers.

delicious sweet potato fries on a plate with a knife and fork

3) Baked sea bass

Fish for many is the perfect, summer dish. Light, sweet and tender, it certainly makes a change from the usual sausage and burger combo.

Sea bass is a beautifully tender fish and is really lovely with lemon and rocket.

Roast a sea bass in the oven and pop with it whatever you like – something as simple as garlic and butter or you can dress it up Spanish style with chorizo, sweet peas and rosemary crushed baby potatoes.

Once it's almost cooked, bring the parcel out and let it sit on the barbecue to finish off and soak up some of those classic smoky flavours.

delicious fillet of seabass on a plate that has been cooked on the bbq

4) Barbecue pizza

Pizza is a classic and for many, a Friday night go-to. Accompany it with a crisp, fresh salad and a large glass of white wine, and you're onto a winner.

And the great news is, pizzas can be done on the barbecue too! The grill really gives the dough a lovely crisp, smoky touch and the heat from the fire makes the cheese melt, pop and bubble in a way that makes it too tempting to resist!

Use your favourite dough recipe and then when you're ready to cook, blind grill the base on one side and until lightly toasted. Remove the base from the grill and cover the cooked side with all your toppings. Whether it's simple, tomato cheese affair, or a meat feast with all the trimmings.

Place back on the barbecue to finish off and top with extra cheese – just to be safe...

5) Pulled pork

Admittedly, not for the novice barbecue-er, this one will take some prep. But if you’re au fait with roasting a shoulder of pork, the barbecue is a great way to finish off this deliciously-tender dish.

Once the meat is roasted, cut off the fatty bits you don't want and shred so it's easy to serve. Place in some foil and let the edges crisp up over the flames.

Serve in soft, white rolls with a dollop of barbecue sauce. And there's no harm in having a few piles of thickly-cut chips on the side either...

The thing is, if you still love a classic barbecue, then by all means, fill your plate! But it's always good to have options to help give your al fresco feasts a boost. And our top five barbecue foods will definitely have yours tasting better than ever.

sausages burgers and asparagus on a barbecue

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