Piled in boxes, hidden away in cupboards and toppled up near the door. Shoes are rarely given a proper home. And whether you’re an avid shoe collector, or just keep a few pairs for different occasions, we still need somewhere to put them.

Shoe racks are great for providing that little bit of extra space for all your flats, ankle boots, kitten heels and Brogues. The specially designed shelves mean you can pile them high without having to squish them into awkward places and you can take them out and hide them away again, whenever you need.

Looking for some inspiration?

Here are our top tips for keeping your shoes organised and your home tidy:

Lots of shoes? Get lots of shoe racks!

We need shoes for all sorts of different occasions, so it makes sense to have different shoes racks to help keep them organised. Shoe racks are always best kept near the door if you can, but that doesn’t just mean the front door. Keep gardening shoes near the backdoor and all your work shoes in the rack near the front. That way, they’re easy to use and you won’t end up trailing mud through the house.

Have going out shoes upstairs in the bedroom

Getting ready for a night out? Match your shoes with your outfit by keeping your going out shoes upstairs. Keep his and hers or just mix and match with your favourites close to hand (and foot!). Our shoe racks can even be placed inside the wardrobe as extra shelving. Shoe racks are a great space saver and they’ll also help you free up all your shoe boxes. Great if you’re looking to use them to store away some extra bits and pieces.

Keep your shoe rack on a mat

It’s inevitable that shoes can sometimes end up muddy, especially if you have been out for a run. Keep your shoe rack clean and tidy and catch any bits of dirt by keeping your shoe rack on a mat. That way you can clean off any excess mud as you come in through the door and shake off the mat outside whenever you need, without messing up your hallway carpet!

Always make sure you have room for more

When storing your shoes, it’s always important that you have room for more. Not just for when you go on your next shopping spree, but also for guests too, so you can keep your home tidy, organised and looking lovely whatever the occasion.

More than just shoes


Of course, shoe racks are handy storage for more than just shoes. And a bit of extra shelving is great for all sorts of reasons. Wondering what else you can use yours for?

Craft storage

If you’re looking for somewhere you can pop all your craft items, shoe racks are great for giving you that extra bit of shelving without having to invest in a bigger piece of furniture. Ideal for boxes of beads, wire, scissors, clasps, buttons and more. Especially great if you love to spread out on the floor, having some low-down shelving keeps all your essentials close by as you work.

Kids’ painting and colouring materials

Children love to draw but keeping track of all their pencils, pens and paint pots can be a bit of a nightmare. Instead, pop them into empty ice cream tubs and then keep them on your shoe rack. That way, everything is nearby and easy for your kids to reach, and when they’re done, everything can be tidied away and stored easily.

Movie snacks and extra blankets

Love a quiet night in? If your weekends invariably mean snuggling up and watching a movie, then why not use a shoe rack to keep all your film night essentials close by. Ideal for DVDs, as well as blankets, 3D glasses, remotes and tasty treats.

Recipe books, magazines and cut outs

Recipe books are a kitchen essential, especially when it’s a special occasion. But if you love to bake, then it’s very likely you’ll have far too many recipe books for just that shelf at the end of your cupboards. Keep all your cookbooks and baking guides together in one place with a shoe rack. The extra tall top shelf is great for some of the bigger books that don’t always fit on shelves, and it’s also a great place to keep all your food magazines too. Place lower down or up on the side – wherever is easiest, so foodie inspiration is always nearby.

Dining extras


Finding space for all your dining extras can sometimes be a bit tricky. Give yourself a little more space at the table with a Hartleys shoe rack. Ideal for keeping hold of all your coasters, place mats, napkins and napkin holders. Lets you keep the table clear when using it for homework and other non-food related tasks. And can be set again in an instant as soon as it’s dinner time.

Essentials for babies and toddlers

If you’ve got little ones, you’ll know how essential it is to have everything you need close to hand. So why not use the little shelves as extra space for when you’re feeding and caring for your children. Store anything from muslin cloths, wipes and teething toys, to snacks and water bottles for when you need a top up while pinned to the sofa!

Post and parcels

As you come in through the door, it’s difficult to know where to put all the flurry of post that’s lying on the mat while you sort all your things out. Keep an extra shoe rack by the door, and place parcels and post on the shelves for family members and housemates to rummage through as they come in. Space saving and a great way to avoid clutter.

Toys and games for the car

About to head out on a long car journey? Keeping the kids entertained while driving can mean having lots of extra books, games, toys and blankets on hand. Keep all your children’s travelling essentials close by as you head out, to make sure journeys are quiet, happy and stress-free.

Dog leads, coats and collars

If you have dogs, then heading out on walks is a big part of your daily routine. Keep all your dog walking essentials together with a shoe rack. Ideal for leads, collars, coats, toys and more.

Bathroom essentials

Closet loos are great for busy families who need the extra bathroom space, but they are often very small. And if it’s even too small for a under sink cabinet, you’re not alone. Get some instant extra storage space in your bathroom with a Hartleys Shoe Rack. Can be easily kept next to the toilet and is great for keeping hold of spare towels, extra soap, toilet rolls and cleaning materials.

Hartleys Shoe Racks can be used for almost anything! And having a little extra storage space in your home is never a bad thing.

So, keep your home tidy and organised and give yourself that extra shelving space in your home, quickly, easily – and without breaking the bank!