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7 Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

It’s always the way. You come to have a clear-out and realise that everything you have, is everything you need.

But when it comes to bedrooms, it’s really important that your sleep space is as clear and as calm as possible. Just so you can drift off more easily and feel much more relaxed when getting ready for bed.

So, how can we get more space without throwing our stuff away?

To help you get the most out of your space, we’ve put together a list of our top storage tips for keeping everything tidy and organised.

1) Rethink your seating

Chairs and stools are often necessary but can take up a lot of space. A great way to get around this is by using an Ottoman or Storage Bench instead. That way you have somewhere to sit, an extra surface for your phone and bag and underneath, a whole load of hidden storage space.

They’re fuss-free making them ideal for quick and easy tidy ups. They’re perfect for clothes, shoes, laundry, blankets and more.

2) Spread out

Sometimes bedrooms can get filled up with coats, shoes and bags. But this can really eat into your wardrobe and hanging space. It can make your room look cluttered too.

Look for other spaces around the home that could be used as storage space. This can really help free up some much needed space in your bedroom – or even just make it feel less cramped.

Hallways are a great place to start as they can store all your outdoor essentials. And it doesn’t have to be downstairs either. The landing is also a good place to keep a few extra things.

Our White and Bamboo Clothes Rails not only have hanging space for coats and jackets, but they can also be used for extra clothes. And there’s even a shelf at the bottom for boots, shoes and bags – perfect!

Hartleys White 5 Tier Ladder Shelf in use

3) Save space with clever shelving

If you need a little more floor space in your life, then shelving is a great way to start. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to give your books a home or simply need some more room for your photos.

Ladder shelves are perfect for smaller rooms as they’re tall and slimline. Squeeze them into any space that’s near a wall to help free up some room.

White bedroom with hartleys under bed storage under double bed

4) Go under the bed

When looking for extra places to store everything, sometimes under the bed can get overlooked. However, there’s actually quite a lot you can fit under there. Especially if you have lots of things you need to store but don’t use regularly.

Winter wardrobes and holiday clothes are prime candidates, as well as all those sentimental things you can’t bear to part with.

Protect your things and make getting them in and out from under the bed easier by investing in some Under Bed Storage Boxes. Not only can they be used under the bed, but they can also be used as extra storage at the bottom of wardrobes and underneath desks.

5) Hook up

If your wardrobe is starting to bulge, and you’ve given everything you can to charity, it might be time to start investing in some Over Door Hooks. They’re extremely handy and can hold a lot more than you realise!

They’ll really help give you a bit more room and there’s no DIY involved.

And one of the best things about them is that you don’t need to hang them inwards either. Point them out towards the landing and give yourself a bit more breathing space.

Hartleys Dressing Table With Folding Vanity Mirror in use alternative

6) Double up on desks

Whether you are someone who needs a desk to work on or a dressing table to store things in and use for, well, getting dressed, there is a way you can have it all with just a single piece of furniture.

Several stylish desks can double up as bedroom dressing tables with the simple, and relatively inexpensive addition, of a mirror. Use the top drawer for work stuff and the bottom drawers for make up or jewellery storage.

There are several stylish dressing tables and desks available which will look great in your room as well as give you all the storage functionality you need to suit both tasks - perfect for busy people who are short on space!

As space saving life-hacks go, this one is top drawer.

7) Go tall

Sometimes, you just need a solution for putting lots of things into a small amount of room. And to do that, you need to go tall.

These Five Drawer Cabinets in grey and white are tall, sleek and will maximise your space tenfold. Perfect for clothes, accessories and stationery, they can help you stay tidy and organised.

The little heart handles also make a fantastic finishing touch.

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