As we all know, we need radiators.

Not in a “I really need that trampoline” type of way, but if you’ve ever had to deal with a broken boiler during winter, or experienced life as a student, you’ll know how important they are.

The only thing is, radiators are deeply important but don’t look that great. If only there was some sort of way to cover them up – but there is!

Radiator covers are brilliant – not only do they prevent pets and children from burning themselves on the hot metal, but they can turn what is considered a fairly practical item a stylish one, quickly and easily.

If you’re happy doing bits of DIY around the house then fitting a radiator cover isn’t a tricky job. However, if you’re not confident, you can simply stand them against the wall so there’s no drilling involved. Or if you would prefer them to be a bit more stable, you can always get a trades person in to help.

In terms of choosing a cover, all you need to do is get the sizing right so grab a measuring tape and let’s get started!

How do I know what size radiator cover to get?

Radiators come in all shapes and sizes and with so many varieties, it can be difficult to know where to start.

First you need to measure your radiator. Many modern radiators come in set sizes but if you have an older radiator, it might be slightly different, so grab a tape measure, a pen and some paper, and get cracking.

You want to make a note of:

• The total height (from the floor to the top of the radiator);

• The width (including any valves/nozzles you need to account for);

• And the depth.

Now add 25mm (2.5cm) to your height and depth measurements and 50mm (5cm) to your width measurement (25mm for each side), to allow for air circulation.

How to choose a radiator cover

Once you have your measurements, browse our stylish range of radiator covers and choose your best fit.

All of the Hartleys Radiator Covers have their exact measurements underneath them so check you have enough room for your radiator and more, without the cover being too big. Check around the radiator you want to cover and pay attention to plug sockets, furniture and shelves that you may need to account for.

If the cover is slightly bigger than the suggested 25mm extra, that’s no problem, just check it’s not going to obstruct or contend with anything else nearby.

How do I fit a radiator cover?


To the burning question in hand (pun intended). If you’re DIY-phobic then don’t worry – our radiator covers can be simply assembled and then stood up against the wall, ready for you to stand back and beam with smug pride.

But if you would like to make sure they don’t tip or get knocked – especially if you have young children, then you can use the mounts provided.

Each radiator cover comes with a handy guide on how to fit the mounts (there are a couple of different types). They are all simple to fit however, and just involve fixing small brackets to the wall so the radiator cover can be hooked over the top. This allows for quick and easy access should you need to bleed the radiator or adjust its temperature.

How big is a radiator cover?

Radiator covers come in different sizes so measuring your radiator correctly is key to making sure you get the right one. The Hartleys collection of radiator covers ranges from mini to extra-large – and everything in between. And if you’re not sure, there are even adjustable covers which you can assemble for a bespoke fit.

Why are radiator covers so good?

Using a radiator cover is a quick and easy way to transform a room. Paint them to match or stand out and you’ve turned what was a practical item into a design feature. They also provide an extra shelf for ornaments and knick-knacks and they’re great for protecting little heads and hands from getting burnt.