When it comes to Christmas, there's no hesitation in ensuring the halls are thoroughly decked. Holly, tinsel and some sort of slightly bedraggled Santa - they're all there.

Come spring, and our efforts are slightly more muted. A quick flick of the thermostat and a pint glass of daffodils later, and spring has officially been welcomed.

Surely we can do more?

This isn't to say you should be packing out the spare room with a muddle of lambs, chicks and gingham tablecloths. But with so much to celebrate around this time of year, most of us are missing out.

Spring is also a fantastic time for change. Freshening up your home and giving it a new lease of life – without having to completely re-do the family home.

The sun is making a much more regular appearance, the days are getting warmer and the bustling excitement for summer is starting to kick in.

And just like when you walk in through the door during winter and you instantly feel warm and cosy, spring calls for a different sort of welcome. One that reflects the life and togetherness that this time of year thoroughly embraces.

So, pack away your blankets and make good use of your cube storage to make room for the warmer months.

A time for friends, a time for family and a time for a new look.

Five ways to bring in spring

There are lots of ways you can reflect the warmer seasons in your home. Themes that give you a fresh burst of inspiration as soon as you walk in through the door. The important thing to remember is to make it personal. There are no set styles, no set themes. Enjoy creating a look that you love and that's personal to you.

1) Add patterns

Well-composed winter interior themes are about texture and warmth. Deep, fluid colours, thick fabrics and a home that allows you to feel cocooned.

When it comes to spring and summer however, your outlook changes. The temperatures rise, your personal space opens up and there's room to breathe.

Doors open, windows widen and sunlight floods in. And with more light and air flowing through the house, there are more opportunities to add in patterns and motifs that will shine through and add focus.

A reoccurring theme this summer is global goodness. Bold patterns, tassels and woven furniture for a natural and beautiful finish.

But mix it up and choose something unique to you. Spring is also a time to be playful so be creative and have fun.

cute wooden and floral accessories on a table

2) Set the scene

When developing your spring theme, change up the pace by using a variety of large and small pieces together. So, use contrasting clusters of items that go together.

Not just a vase, but a vase, selection of freshly cut flowers, a vintage tray, some throws and some mugs – whatever you fancy! That way, you can get simple items to work together to build up your theme. It also gives you more freedom in choosing pieces as you don’t necessarily need everything to be particularly spring-like.

Pick out colours, ideas and subtle motifs that are suitable for your home so that your spring theme can start to grow.

3) Add life

It's a bit of a cliché, but who doesn't love flowers? There are all sorts to choose from, so even if daffodils and sunflowers aren't for you, there's always an alternative. Why not head down to the florist for some inspiration?

Artificial plants are just as lovely and best of all, they don't need watering. So, if you're planning on getting some sun this summer, you don't need to worry about your plants dying on you in the mean time!

The idea is that you get some fresh bursts of colour into your home that really bring everything to life.

4) Add a warm scent

A big part of spring is being able to breathe in the soft scents of this time of year. The flowers and freshly-cut grass for one. But also just having a lovely, summery scent that lets you breathe in the smell of home as soon as you walk in through the door.

Fresh linen is a lovely scent, but also things like sandalwood and jasmine are also great for this time of year. Spritz your curtains and cushions for a light scent that's sweet and welcoming.

beautiful selection of green candles with flames

5) Be creative

Spring is all about nurture – as well as nature. That means devoting time to something that will really pay off. And with the bank holidays in our midst, it's simply one of the best times to start a new project. Get crafty and create something new for your home. Perhaps a cushion cover, an embroidered picture, a table cloth or even some ceramic items if you fancy taking on a little pottery.

It's always worth having something that's made by you in the home. Not only is it a lovely project to take on, but whatever the outcome, you'll always have a story and some memories attached to it. Great for making with the grandchildren too!

beautiful white room with lots of plants and a little girl looking out of the window

Ready for the sunshine? With May now settling in, there's plenty of time before the summer to get started on your ideas.

Feel inspired and enjoy your home!

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