Kids grow up so quickly nowadays.

And what they are obsessed with one day, can be completely forgotten about the next. Not only does this make it incredibly difficult to buy birthday presents in advance, but it also means their bedroom décor can fall out of favour within moments.

The solution? A room that can be adapted quickly and cheaply to keep up with the latest love, without the hassle of a full-on refurb.

How? Sit back, get comfy and we'll let you in on a few interior design secrets to help you keep up with the ever-changing trends – without breaking the bank.

How to make over a child's bedroom in a weekend

1) Storage

Storage is great for clearing spaces and hiding away the piles of books and toys at the end of the day. It also helps keep everything pretty minimalist which is ideal for being able to create different themes without too much trouble.

Cube furniture is great for toy storage and the fabric boxes are light and easily accessible for little hands. The boxes also come in different colours making it really easy (and cheap) to change up the colours without having to buy a completely new unit – perfect!

2) The theme

It's always great to start out with a blank canvas. That way, you can overlay new themes without having to re-paint the room each time. Rather than having lots of wall stickers and more permanent features, customise the space with soft furnishings, pictures and miniatures that can be swapped about quickly and easily.

orange themed children's bedroom with modern furnishings

3) Hooks

Hooks aren't just great for hanging up coats, bags and PE kits – they're also great for decorating purposes too!

Dot little hooks around the room to hang things like bunting, pom-poms, clocks, lights, framed pictures and other things that fit in with the current theme.

This is also a good idea if you're planning on moving your children round from room-to-room as they get older as you can change up the rooms quickly to suit their tastes.

4) A bedroom and playroom in one!

Bedrooms can often become playrooms during the day – but what happens when it's time to sleep? It's important that playtime and bedtime don't get mixed up. To help create a more relaxing theme at night, make sure your kids' rooms (especially if they are younger) have elements that still make it interesting for them once the sun has gone down.

Night lights, glow-in-the-dark stars, planet mobiles and fairy lights all help with creating a relaxing scene once playtime is over.

Things like lava lamps and plasma balls add colour, focus and interest too – great for inspiring your children as they grow.

brightly coloured children's bedroom with play area and bed

5) Create a soft spot

All parents know how important it is for their children to have some quiet time. Give your kids a place to crash and relax with a book, device or a colouring pad with a soft spot. These are really easy to create and can be changed with different coloured cushions and bean bags quickly and easily. Pile up some soft furnishings, add a couple of blankets, et voilà!

Creating a separate area like this is also a great way of sectioning up your child's bedroom so each bit has a purpose too.

As you can see, changing up your children's bedroom themes is super easy and still be done on a tight budget. Head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages for more inspiration @HartleysDirect.