Padding around in bare feet, wrapped up in a soft, white towel dressing gown, skin scrubbed and nails painted – spas are a wonderful way to feel good about ourselves.

But with a price tag that can quite easily mount up into the hundreds, a DIY facemask and a bottle of bubble bath is always going to be a more attractive option.

And although organising a spa trip is a wonderful way to spend the day, it's not something most of us are going to do every week. But that doesn't mean we can't relax and take care of ourselves.

I for one love to spend time at home pampering. Perhaps mid-week or on a Sunday evening just before the bustle of the working week starts up again. I enjoy a hot shower, a facemask, some pore cleansing strips and a dab of sparkly nail polish to complete my home spa experience; it's a wonderful way to relax.

The only trouble is, bathrooms aren't usually the warm, sandalwood-scented sanctuaries that we expect when we go for a massage or a facial. Bright lights, cold tiles and collections of shampoo bottles lined up along the side of the bath are much more common.

But, if like me, you're craving a little me-time, then creating your own spa at home could prove just the ticket. And it doesn't need to cost the Earth.

Ready to turn your bathroom into a spa experience? Let's get started.

1) Clear the decks

A cluttered bathroom is unlikely to be a relaxing bathroom. Make sure you clear the surfaces and put everything away that you don't need so it's out of sight. One of the most useful items for this is an under the sink cabinet. They fit in beautifully to most bathrooms and will keep all those essentials hidden away so you can concentrate on relaxing.

And don't forget the little details – things like having a clean space as well as a clear space. This will help you feel calm and stop you from getting distracted by any small marks or dusty corners.

2) Find your focus

Having something inspirational to look at while you relax can really help you maintain your focus as you relax. Something as simple as an ornament or an underwater light. Part of relaxation is about being mindful which involves staying in the present. Try not to let your mind wander – especially thinking about things that have happened during the day or things you have coming up.

By giving yourself a simple, positive focus, you'll be able to help your mind switch off.

This of course doesn't have to be a visual focus. You can easily use music to focus on too. Have some soothing sounds or a meditative playlist on loop so that you can close your eyes and just listen.

3) Soften the lights

Whether you're soaking in the tub or simply sat relaxing while you moisturise or cleanse your face, having a soft light will help you feel much calmer. Either dim the lights or set aside a candle. Natural light is extremely calming and fantastic for making sure your me-time feels extra special.

Candles are also great for focus, so you might want to have one nearby while you relax and unwind in the bath.

woman hands holding a lit candle

4) Scents for your senses

Smell is really important for relaxation and there are lots of lovely scents that will really help you switch off. Lavender is great for helping you feel sleepy. Citrus is wonderful for stimulating your senses and eucalyptus is also fantastic for helping you to clear your head.

If you have had a long day and your mind is still busy with thoughts, things like eucalyptus balm are great for soothing headaches and sore muscles. Pop a little on your forehead and the back of your neck for a lovely, cooling experience.

5) Add something special

For that true, spa experience, you'll want to include something special. Perhaps some rose petals floating in your bath, a luxurious bath oil, a thick or creamy moisturiser. Or perhaps you simply want to indulge in something like a lovely cool glass of sparkling elderflower or some tropical fresh fruit.

Focusing on having something that's really good for you will help you to unwind and feel cleansed.

Personally, I would be happy doing this sort of thing every night! It's a wonderful way to end the day and whether you’re off to bed, off out or just relaxing on the sofa, it's the perfect opportunity to get some time to yourself.

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