Fresh faced, soft skin and a flowing dress – a dream look for many of us over the summer.

Me? I'm never any of these things. Heading out into 25-degree heat, you'll find me under a tree, wildly wafting a maxi dress around while trying to look less moist.

And as someone who loves eyeliner, I can tell you, sunshine is not my best friend.

A few hours of bright light later and I usually find all my hard work has unforgivingly melted off my face.

Like hair, makeup takes practice so suddenly changing your look for summer can be a bit of a daunting prospect. After all, it's unchartered territory.

However, over the years I have found a few summery beauty staples that I have been able to call upon at a moment's notice. Ideal for summer and essential for when the temperatures rise.

So, sit yourself down at your dressing table and get set to look ready for summer with my top five summer beauty essentials.

Get ready for summer

1) Sun kissed skin

When it comes to warmer weather, less is definitely more. And by using makeup more sparingly, concentrating on your skin is definitely the way to go.

Whatever your skin type, some gentle exfoliation and a light SPF moisturiser will help you feel fresh and ready to take on the sun. If you're using concealer, just use a little to gently lighten any shadows or cover any blemishes.

Light, tinted moisturisers are also great because they're not as heavy as foundation and they don't run or smudge like maximum cover options.

And if you're looking to tint your cheeks, cream blushes and bronzers will mix in more easily than powders and leave you with the perfect summer glow.

2) Tiny sparkles

For me, glitter is a must-have. And adding a little extra sparkle to your eyes, a shimmer to your cheeks or even a twinkle to your hair is a great way to catch the summer light.

You can get glittery makeup in different shades too so whatever colour you're wearing, you can complete your look using different shades of eye shadow and eyeliner. Silver and holographic glitter are also lovely.

A lot of glitter products are available in the form of body glitter which can just as easily be put around your eyes. Shimmer bars are also great for creating an all-over summer glow.

rainbow coloured glitter

3) Flowers for all

Summer is the season to celebrate. One way to really take advantage of the warmer weather is to accessorise. It's fun and a great way to express yourself too. Whether it's flowers in your hair, diamantes around your eyes or simply some fabulously large sunglasses.

Clips, bows and bands are great for shorter hair and little touches here and there can make all the difference.

Use fake flowers for occasions or natural flowers for a more Bohemian look.

4) Lash it up

If you've never experienced the wonder that is false eyelashes, now is the time. Summer makeup looks need to be minimalist and so having long, beautiful lashes is a great way to accentuate your look and add a dash of drama.

They come in all sorts of different sizes and you don't have to have them the same size all the way across either. They're great for creating a look that's fun and a bit different.

And if you're planning a holiday, why not opt for lash extensions? That way you can treat yourself to longer lashes at the beach too!

5) Neon brights

You can never have too much colour in summer. And even if you spend most of the year wearing blues, greys and black, there's no time like the present to introduce a little neon.

Whether it's in the form of eyeshadow, nail polish or accessories, they are perfect for summer and really give you that holiday feel – at home!

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