If you're like me and have already been sweeping armfuls of Easter eggs into your trolley down at the supermarket, then you'll be aware that Easter is officially on its way.

If the good news has so far passed you by, let me point you in the direction of the sweet aisle to help you along a little. Now. Easter means chocolate – we know this. But what it also means is that we cunningly hide the chocolate treats so that they aren't all eaten at once. Either that or the kids manage to get a small amount of exercise before they sit and eat too much chocolate.

Traditionally held in the garden, Easter egg hunts are great fun. But if you're looking to change up the usual routine for something a little bit different this year, why not check out our ideas for Easter egg hunts?

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Easter egg hunts with a difference:

1) Hunt indoors on rainy days

When the weather's not on your side, it's just as fun to have an Easter egg hunt indoors. Hide your eggs away in secret spots for maximum fun. Top drawers, cupboards and under pillows are all great spots – just make sure they've all been discovered before bedtime!

2) Hunts in the dark

Hunts in the dark are great fun and ideal as an alternative to the traditional set up. Once the sun has gone down, wrap glow-bracelets around your eggs or fill plastic eggs with bendy glowsticks and hide around the garden for an exciting nighttime hunt.

3) Solve the puzzle!

Plastic eggs are great for helping to provide an alternative to chocolate. Especially good if you're a little anxious about hosting a party of sugar-filled nine-year-olds! Fill a load with pieces from a jigsaw puzzle and hide around the house. Then as each one is found, the children can work as a team to complete the jigsaw! And if the final picture is of some rabbits or some chicks, even better!

4) It's not just about eggs


This time of year isn't just about Easter – it's the start of Spring too! Theme your hunt on looking for signs of the new season with a colourful checklist. Include things like Daffodils, butterflies and rabbit holes, as well as eggs.

5) Feel the love

Easter egg hunts aren't just for the kids! Create a fun hunt for your loved one and at the end of it enjoy a quiet glass of champagne and a box of chocolates together – perfect!

6) Letter hunt

Instead of eggs why not hide letters? Then, once they have all been found, the children can arrange the letters to spell out Easter-themed words or phrases.

7) The clue's in the picture

Take zoomed-in pictures of where the eggs are hidden and see if the children can guess where they are just from the images. It's harder than you think!

8) Hunts can be educational

Every time the children find an egg, place with it a question to help give them a clue to the whereabouts of the next egg. It can be about anything, for example a maths question e.g. what's 5x7? Or a geography question e.g. what country is Paris in? And then give them a choice of answers e.g. a) 35 – go to the bathroom b) 40 – head to the kitchen c) 50 – go to the shed, and watch as they make their way to the end!

9) It's storytime!


Easter egg hunts can easily incorporate a fun children's story. Place different sections of the story around the garden and get the children to follow them in order – leave clues to help them. Read the story along with them and at the end, finish off the story with some chocolate eggs. They'll have fun listening to the words while they munch on their eggs!

10) An Easter egg hunt that's just for the parents!

Why hide eggs when you can hide small bottles of wine? Strictly for the over-18s, dot your favourite tipples around the house along with clues and have fun playing detective, while discovering, divulging and most importantly, drinking!

And there you have it – the perfect remedy to your hunt-themed woes.

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