Dressing table ideas: adding colour

When it comes to organising your room, colour is so important. And when it comes to picking a colour theme for your dressing table, it's even more important – why? Because getting ready is more than something that you do. It's about being inspired and feeling uplifted. You want to head out into the world with your chin up, feeling good about yourself.

Your beauty station is about feeling confident, relaxed and creating an inviting space that you simply adore spending time in. Which is especially important if you're not a morning person. Stepping out of bed when you're super tired, cold and sad to be leaving the comfort of your duvet is never nice.

So, it always helps if the next step of your day is sitting somewhere you enjoy being – as well as somewhere you can put a big mug of coffee and a big plate of toast!

Colours can say a lot about us too. Creating that look and feel all comes down to what you love to see in your life. Delicate pinks, glittery silvers, striking reds or even gothic blacks – they all help shape our world, our homes and who we are. And there are lots of ways you can customise your dressing table so it feels more you.

Whatever theme you decide on, here are my top 10 ways to add colour to your dressing table:

1) Flowers


Got a penchant for peonies? Whether you love a single flower for that delicate touch of inspiration, or a whole bunch for a burst of colour, flowers are great for adding colour and style to your dressing table. Fake flowers are just as good too – they're not the slightly dusty replicas we remember as kids anymore. They actually do look realistic and the best thing is, you don’t have to keep replacing it! And if you're looking to give your room a hint of Japanese finesse, short twists of bamboo also make great, eye-catching features. Use pebbles at the bottom of the vase or pretty stones for extra sparkle.

2) Perfume

I love perfume and there are lots of different kinds that I love too. This one may not play in your favour as your choice of colour may not match your choice of scent. However, my favourite perfumes all happen to be either in pink or white bottles, so it's easy to get a little cluster of gorgeousness happening on my dressing table surface. So much time and money is invested in designing perfume bottles so it seems like a real shame to have them hidden away. I like to keep mine out, not just for decoration but also just so I can have a quick spritz whenever I feel like it – perfect!

3) Picture frames

A great way to add colour to your dressing table is by using a picture frame. Pictures of friends, partners, pets or even of something that matches your theme. Pictures of flowers, sketches and ballet dancers are also lovely and really add to the overall feel of your beauty station.

4) Lighting

Lights can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. And you can find almost any type online. Whether you love fairy lights, rope lights, lamps or net lights – have a look and see what takes your fancy. Flower fairy lights work really well with vintage looks – as well as star lights and birdcage lamps. If you've chosen a more monochrome look, search for geometric patterned lamps - typical of the Art Deco style.

5) Seating

Standing while slightly bent forward, doing your make up in the mirror can leave you with a sore lower back. So, investing in some sort of seating is not only great for adding colour and emphasising your theme, it's also practical. Chairs, benches, armchairs, stools – or even a chaise longue. You name it, you can have it. And if you can't find a seating solution that fits your colour theme, why not add to it? Squishy cushions and blankets folded over the back are great for comfort and style. And they add texture too. Thick velvety purples, fluffy pinks and satin mints are all perfect for embellishing your overall composition.

6) Notebooks

I absolutely love stationery and I have so many notebooks! To be honest, I don't know many of my friends who don't have some sort of stack of gorgeous stitched pads and bound books in their room. Nevertheless, they are things of beauty and wonder. Do I write anything in them? Occasionally, but mainly no. They're just for show. But they are lovely. And whatever your colour theme you can add to it so easily with a little stash of notebooks. You can even afford to add some detail in there. Unicorns, glitter or neon llamas – you name it, there's a notebook in it.

7) Ribbons

Dusty pinks, mint greens or deep purples, ribbons are simple, pretty and lovely. Tie them long and loose or short and neat around pretty much anything. Candlesticks, jewellery trees, stacks of notebooks (see above) and gift boxes. They're inexpensive, easy to get hold of and you can mix and match them whenever you like!

8) Hearts


Who doesn't need a little more love in their lives? I know a few hearts dotted around the place here and there always cheers me up. Giant heart mirrors, little hearts hanging from your chair, heart lights – like the little black dress, they'll simply never go out of fashion. And they don't just have to be in pink. They come in all sorts of shades so you can find the right hue for you, whatever your style.

9) Candles

If you're like me and have completely fallen in love with the Danish concept of Hygge, then you'll know how much importance is placed on surrounding yourself with natural light. Candles in fact, are used whenever possible for that overall sense of calm and wellbeing. At home, in the office – wherever! Of course, I'm not suggesting you should have lots of naked flames around you while spritzing your perfumes and showering yourself in hairspray – this is not relaxing or calming – this is a fire risk. However, if you're enjoying a peaceful evening and are just quietly moisturing, or perhaps you're writing in one of your scores of notebooks you have recently purchased – a candle will definitely embellish your evening. And even if you decide not to light it, scented candles are just as wonderful when they're not lit. And many of them come in beautiful jars and vases too.

10) Make up brushes

I recently spotted some unicorn themed make up brushes in the shops while I was out and about in town. They were simply beautiful. Did I need all of them? No. But They keep crossing my mind. The handles are gorgeous and they are in that pearly, iridescent violet that everyone is loving at the moment. Even just popping them in a jar would bring me regular pockets of happiness. But if unicorns aren't your thing, then worry not – make up brushes come in the non-unicorn styled variety too. Big fluffy, sumptuous blusher brushes give your dressing table a sense of elegance and a touch of class. More of an artist's table.

So, whatever your style, you can see it's easy to add in touches of colour in a way that's compatible. Adding detail here and there but with a consistent and considered approach.

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