A refuge for all, the dining room is the ultimate retreat for enjoyment and relaxation.

Whether you’re sleepily making your way through a strong coffee and thick slice of toast, or celebrating with friends over a three-course meal with drinks, the dinner table is a place that’s solely reserved for a few of life’s little luxuries.

And at the centre of your dining area, is the focus point – the dinner table. Not just where you eat, it’s a place to engage with loved ones, mull over the day, solve problems, relax, refuel or simply gaze out into the garden.

So there’s a lot to consider when trying to decide what table would be best for your home. Perhaps you’re looking for one that will double up as a space to do homework with the kids? Maybe you want something stylish that’s going to maximise your living space? Or maybe you’re just looking for something that’s a little bit different?

Whatever your dining room needs, you’re bound to find a suitable and stylish solution at Hartleys.

Here are just some of the tables on offer:

Round Glass Top Dining Table


Perfect for getting together, having a round dining table is great for homes where the number of people eating together is always changing. Whether it’s dinner for one on a Monday night, or the whole family piling in at the weekend, the circular finish gives this table a sense of unity.

Available in both clear and black glass, you can add a touch of elegance quickly and easily.

Great for small spaces, the clear glass option allows light to shine through so even when the dining room is full, it still looks spacious.

Tall Industrial Design Table (in black)


These Tall Industrial Design Tables are great for those looking to give their home a solid, contemporary edge. The ideal spot to start a sophisticated evening of dinner and drinks, this is perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while getting settled in before dinner.

And although this is a four-sided piece, you can easily use it as a focus point for a larger group while everyone mingles and socialises. Striking in black, use this piece around the home or even outdoors for a little al fresco charm. Just make sure you protect it from the elements!

Industrial Design Table in (in gunmetal grey and wood)


A real family favourite, these Industrial Design Tables in gunmetal grey and wood make a great, sturdy piece for the family. The solid top isn’t afraid of a gaggle of hungry kids and the smooth, stylish finish makes it just as worthy of a quiet night in for two. Built to last, this space-saving table is ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

The effortless style can be easily worked in with both classic and modern décors. Dress up or dress down depending on the occasion, or simply crowd with nibbles and drinks for a cosy night with friends.

Adjustable Height Round Table (in clear glass)


For when your dining table needs to be more than just a dining table. These Adjustable Round Tables in clear glass are not only elegant but can be set at a bespoke height for you. So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned dinner with the family, a working lunch or an afternoon of decorating cupcakes, this versatile piece is perfect for busy families who have a variety of needs.

Stylish and modern, the clear glass makes this piece suitable for any dining area and any home.

And for afters…

Solid Oak Base Round Glass Coffee Table


And when it’s time to slump into a comfy seat, relax with a coffee and something sumptuously sweet with these gorgeous coffee tables. Elegant and a great centre piece for your lounge. Use for nibbles, drinks, cheese boards and more as you while away the hours.

Space saving and versatile, you don’t need to stop at just one. These tables can used around the room – ideal for social gatherings as well as for adding a touch of symmetry and style.


So, whether you have a busy household that’s forever bustling with little ones, or a quiet abode that’s perfect for one, we have a fantastic selection of dining tables to give you and your home the perfect place to perch when it’s time to rest, relax and refuel.

Explore the range today!