Crafters are ideas people. They love to be creative and they love seeing their thoughts come to life. They're also slightly addicted to shopping.

Beads, buttons, thread, clasps, glitter, resin, paints, pens and deliciously thick paper – you can never have enough.

More colours, different textures, extra finishes and new styles. There's always something to add to the collection. And if you can top it off with unicorns, so much the better.

The question is – where to keep everything?

Whether you craft now and again, have a creative corner in the living room, or have a full-on craft room that's dedicated to nothing but you and your imagination, you will always need somewhere to put all your crafting materials.

And if you're currently sighing at your cat who's decided to fluff up your fabrics – we have a solution for you. It's time to get crafty.

It's time, for cube furniture.

Top 10 reasons why you need cube furniture in your life:


1) Stay organised

When you have a million tiny bits and pieces to keep track of, it's vital you can stay organised. Not only so everything doesn't get mixed up, but just so you can find everything easily. It definitely makes crafting a lot more enjoyable! By sectioning off your things into different boxes, you can categorise, label, section off and keep all the relevant items together. And if you do craft fairs, you can keep seasonal items together too. Valentine's, Christmas, Halloween and Easter themed creations can be kept together and brought out whenever you need.

2) Colour themes

Cube furniture doesn't just come in one style - the same goes for the fabric boxes you put in them! They come in a range of colours so you can pick and choose as you see fit. You can either choose all one colour to go with your room, or match the colours with what's inside. If you have lots of pieces of cube furniture then why not theme each piece? Red and green for Christmas or pink and yellow for Easter? The coloured fabric boxes will not only brighten up your room, but they will help you stay organised when you need it the most.

3) Easy transport

At home, your crafty tools, fabrics and beads can be stored, organised and tidied away again. But when it comes to doing craft fairs and events, getting all your sale pieces out and into the car can be really time consuming. That's time you don't have when you're busily trying to make as much as you can! With cube storage, all you have to do is simply remove the storage boxes that you need, pop them in the car and put back again when you get home. You just take what you need, and you don't need to keep hold of loads of extra boxes afterwards either – perfect!

4) Wedding bells

With the price of getting married forever on the up, it's no wonder everyone is making as much as they can for their big day themselves. Whether you're naturally crafty, or just don't want the extra cost of paying out unnecessarily, cube storage can really help you organise and store your wedding stationery.

Sweetie jars, lace ribbons, paper flowers, place name cards, button bouquets – whatever you've planned in for your special day, you can keep aside in a safe place. Everything you see and collect over the months, keep tucked away until you're ready. And when the date arrives, you can take everything to the wedding venue the night before using the fabric boxes. You could even label everything for the wedding planner, so they know what goes where.

5) Stock checks


There's nothing worse than getting half way through a project and then realising you've run out of the one thing you need to finish it. All crafters know the bane of having to try and match colours when ordering new stock halfway through a project. There's no guarantee you can get the same style or colour of whatever you're making!

Keep an eye on your stock levels, so you can be sure of how much you have of everything before you start your next project. That way you can allocate different pieces to different jobs. Cube furniture help you keep everything in one place, so you can see how much of everything you have.

Plus when you start to run low, you can place diminishing stock items into a separate drawer. This means - next time you go shopping - you can check what you need to top up!

6) You can leave things to dry safely

Whether you love to make bath bombs, candles, photo frames, jewellery, pieces out of resin or are just never far from your glue gun, you'll need a space to leave your pieces to dry. This makes sense, especially if you have a pet cat and don't want to find Mr Whiskers padding around with beads stuck to his face.

With cube storage, you can choose to use the fabric boxes or slip them out to make room to shelve larger items instead. Leave pieces to dry overnight however you choose, safely off the ground and away from being knocked.

7) Little extras

Not quite sure where to put all your extra bits and pieces? Found a few trinkets down at the local car boot, or even have several projects on the go which you have yet to day. Give your loose items a home with cube fabric boxes. That way, they can be kept together, and you can pick up and put down as the mood takes you. And when you start to build a collection of things that complement each other, take them out and get creative!

8) A safe place for all

Whether the culprits are usually the kids, cats or even an unsuspecting partner, delicate items inevitably get knocked, broken, moved and lost. Cube storage – no matter how large or small, gives you the opportunity to keep things tidy and out the way. So, when you're done crafting, you know everything will be how you left it when you return to your creation station. Beads will no longer lost, buttons will be saved, thread won't get tangled up and cards will stay flat and dry – heaven!

9) More or less

Getting crafty can mean picking up the odd project now and again, or it can mean running an entire business! It doesn't matter how big or small your crafting empire is, cube storage comes in a range of types and sizes. Whether you're storing a couple of knick-knacks or a rainbow of buttons, beads and threads. Choose from two box units to nine box units and almost everything in between. Add on units as your crafting business grows and keep neatly together so everything matches.

10) To craft or not to craft

One of the best things about cube storage is that it's extremely versatile. So even if you love to craft now, you won't be left with lots of redundant tiny boxes if another part of your life takes over. Cube storage is great for offices – ideal for when your business venture takes off. And it's brilliant for kids' storage too.

So, if you're preparing for the pitter-patter of tiny feet, you can always swap your buttons for babygrows and ribbons for rompers – all in an instant. So, if you love to craft, you can see how cube furniture can make life a lot easier – and a lot more organised!

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