Your home, your style

Homes are special. They’re where we spend a lot of our free time and they are our own personal space.That’s why they should not only reflect who we are but provide a setting that we enjoy living in.

Each room has its own feel and ultimately, it’s where we eat, sleep and celebrate some of our warmest moments.

The homeware range at Hartleys has been carefully designed to fit in with you and your style – whatever you choose and feel most comfortable in.

Whether your favourite colour palette is soft and warm, or dark and dramatic; the simple, modern designs blend and harmonise to your unique style. Add space, storage and purpose easily with Hartleys Homeware and most importantly – be inspired!

What will you create?

What’s your colour palette?

Warm and muted colour palette

Personality: You love to feel relaxed at home and look for soft, tactile textures to bring it to life.

You’re attracted to classic designs and enjoy neutral colours teamed with natural wood along with rich chocolate browns and soft greys. You mix it up regularly and team vintage and modern styles to create a contrasting dynamic.

You love the traditional but are not afraid to live in a modern world.

You enjoy technology but you don’t let it rule your life. Music and films are important to you as well as spending time with friends and family.

Try: Shake up your rooms and add points of focus with more textured pieces such as wall panels, thick throws and fluffy rugs.

Deep and dark colour palette

Personality: You have an insatiable passion for life and you live in the moment. You crave colour in its most intense form and love to add passion and drama to your rooms.

You use deep colours to add warmth and depth as well as a sense of being cocooned.

The smaller the room, the deeper the colour – for maximum intensity. Jewel colours such as sapphire blue and deep, royal purple are best demonstrated using thick, rich velvets and other heavy materials.

Try: Embrace the darkness and accent your rooms with precious-looking metals to add that extra layer of luxury. Use gold, silver and brass style accessories to highlight the pomp and splendour of your interior space.

Light and bright colour palette

Personality: You love to be creative and look to your rooms for inspiration. Bright, full colours bring out your playful side and bring life to plain, pale rooms.

You enjoy creating themes and adore accessories. You love to add colour in the most surprising of ways and enjoy being inventive by adding new hues to your rooms.

Intense colours work well as long as they are broken up by complementary colours and patterns.

You’re no stranger to crafts and love to upcycle your furniture in new and inventive ways.

Try: Fresh flowers are ideal for brightening up your space while complementing your colour schemes. Choose a range, mix them up and pick bright and beautiful varieties such as Gerberas, Sunflowers and Birds of Paradise.

Soft and neutral colour palette

Personality: Your busy lifestyle and desire for organised, clean living means you love your home to feel light and open.

A space where you can switch off and let your mind breathe, you loathe clutter and so brilliant storage solutions are a must.

You bring touches of colour here and there with pastel hues such as eggshell blue and vintage pink.

You like your home to flow with a touch of zen and use fresh, cotton whites, natural wood and simple modern accessories to form the foundation of your living space.

Try: Bring your neutral colour scheme to life with carefully considered lighting. Soften corners and bring an extra layer of warmth to your interiors with a selection of lamps, rope lights and candles.