So. You're ready to step into your newly-renovated bathroom – which just happens to be a serene oasis, set deep in the Amazon. Glistening rocks, waterfalls and exotic plants hem the crystal-clear pool, made just for you.

Sound like your bathroom?

Don't worry – it doesn't sound like mine either. And, in fact, just mentioning glistening rocks gives me premonitions of slipping and falling face-first onto something painful...

We all have something we'd love to change about our homes. But renovations always come at a price. And unless you're a dab hand at DIY then it's difficult to make any major changes without paying out for the experts to come in.

But giving your home a fresh look can really make it feel re-energised, and it doesn't have to cost the world either. There are lots of ways you can invigorate your home, by just changing a few key elements.

Being such practical spaces, bathrooms can often be some of the most difficult to approach when it comes to changing things up. However, by following a few simple touches, you can make your wash space feel like new again.

Want to know how?

Make your bathroom feel like new again with these five simple steps:

1) Storage is key

Remember the serene oasis? One of the things that makes it so perfect is that lack of bottles tumbling into the bath every time you blink. Stacks of gloves, cleaning sponges, bottles of bleach and sprays all add up and make the place look cluttered. So, hide them away and clear your surface spaces. Under the sink cabinets are great for getting some extra hiding space without needing an excess of space. Get as many products in there as possible and concentrate on having easy to clean surfaces that are clear and dust-free.

2) Deep clean

A dusty, grubby bathroom is not a nice place to be – no matter how many luxury soaps and towel ribbons you invest in. Clear the decks and get to work with your most effective cleaning products. Dissolve the grime, spritz the shelves and wipe down the walls for a look that's eye-wateringly clean.


3) Taps and tiles

Tiling is not something I'd attempt to do myself. I wouldn't have a clue. And then even if I did try, I'm pretty sure I'd just end up in a pile of shattered ceramics while knocking back a gin and crying. New tiles are such an investment, and you just know the previous owner has simply tiled over tiles. Months of work lie ahead. I've recently discovered however, tile paint is a thing! You can paint over your tired looking tiles and make them like new again quickly and easily. And if you're prepared to go that one step further, you can even get glitter grout for that extra touch of sparkle.

4) Use an accent colour

I've spoken about how to accent a room before and bathrooms are definitely places that can benefit from those bright splashes of colour. Pick an accent colour and bring your washroom to life. It doesn't have to be anything garish. Muted tones such as grey, teal, ultra violet and soft pinks can really help tie everything together. Bright green is also a lovely one to use and fits in with a more natural theme – think bamboo stems, grey pebbles and floating white candles. Things to accent might include your soap dispenser, toothbrushes, towels, bathmat and storage tubs. Avoid making larger items like the shower curtain standout too much, as it can look too blocky and even make your room feel smaller than it is.

5) Make it feel like home

Current trends are looking at how to make bathrooms feel more like part of the house, rather than a separate utility room. This involves incorporating as many soft furnishings and warmer colours as you can, while maintaining its status of practicality. And although many of us are going to struggle to try and shove a sofa into the middle of the bathroom floor, little things can help make your bathroom a more relaxing room to be in. Wooden bath caddies make room for tea lights, books and glasses of wine. Fluffy rugs add texture and luxury. Pictures and paintings add focus and detail. And a well-stocked supply of fluffy towels, soft dressing gowns and face cloths will really add an element of warmth and pampering. Got room for a chair? Then I'm very jealous. Add in a throw and a cushion or two for the ultimate spa-day retreat.


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