I love a house plant. And it doesn’t matter what style of home you have. Fresh sprigs of green, dotted around the home – they’re just great for focus, detail and inspiration. And they definitely help your home feel more alive.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who’s a little clueless when it comes to caring for flora. Plants seem to yellow and die overnight. Flowers crisp up and even succulents lose the will to live in my presence.

Luckily for me, fake plants are a thing and they’re just as lovely to have around the home as the real thing. My favourite place to get artificial plants is Blooming Artificial. I can get all my favourite plants, in perfect proportion, and there's not a crispy yellow leaf in sight...

For those of you who are able to nourish a cheese plant without it immediately wilting into fondue, firstly, congrats. Secondly, there are so many health benefits in having the real deal in your home. Clean air that’s brimming with oxygen. You can relax in the knowledge that equipped with a few house plants, you can breathe with ease.

And not only that, but house plants come in all shapes and sizes. They soften corners and add splashes of colour, without being too much. You can pop them on shelves, dot them around the home, place them in corners and even hang them from the ceiling. They’ll freshen up your rooms and give them that finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are my top 10 favourite house plants:


1) Marina Moss Balls – ok so they’re not the traditional house plant. But that’s what I love about them. They’re super cheap, easy to get hold of and most importantly, easy to look after. They sit in water and look all fluffy and Japanese. Pop different sizes into a large bowl or vase and then decorate with pebbles and gems and fill with water. So stylish and easy to keep, they’re ideal for small spaces, bedside cabinets, office desks and more.

2) Orchids – I know these can be kinda temporary but even I have managed to keep orchids for a good few months. They look so delicate and pretty in the bathroom and are fantastic for windowsills. Easy to care for, choose delicate pinks and purples for splashes of oriental inspiration in an instant.

3) Madagascar Dragon – spiky green leaves I just love. These are great for bathrooms and add that variety and colour without being too big and overbearing. Luckily, they will only grow to the size you let them so keep them in a smaller pot if you want to make sure they don’t take over your living space. Note – they will bend towards the light so keep turning them round to make sure they don’t eventually topple over! Not speaking from experience or anything…

4) Lemon trees – I know this sounds bizarre but lemon trees don’t have to be huge trees. My Mum has been hording them in her conservatory for years and they look absolutely divine. They take a long time to produce fruit so patience is mandatory but they are so Mediterranean looking and a real delight to keep in the home.


5) Succulents – little tiny cactus plants that you can dot around the home. Absolutely adorable, use them on their own or hoard them like there’s no tomorrow. After all, having a gaggle of succulents gathered around the shelves in your bathroom is most pleasing. Pop them into little black pots and the black green looks so fresh, modern and professional so ideal for the office. You can also vary the sizes to create a waterall effect.

6) Herbs – practical as well as stylish, a window box of herbs will have you looking like a cooking pro in no time. Granted, if you start grappling fistfuls of basil on a daily basis, then the window box is gonna start looking a little bare. But nurture it, water it and prune it when it starts to flourish, and it should easily see you through the months.

7) Chilli plants – there’s something so satisfying about growing your own food. It’s like getting free stuff on a daily basis. Keep your chilli plants watered and at the end of the summer, cut them back so they can regrow.


8) Bonsai Trees – whether you love to sit carefully trimming your bonsai with the nail scissors, or you just want to leave it be, Bonsai trees are really lovely and make a fantastic centre piece. Place them on a rounded glass coffee table or even on your office desk for interest and detail.

9) Corn plants – not ones that are actually producing cobs of corn, but the tall, wiggly-leaved trees of happiness. They are so tall and lovely and if you’re super lucky, you might even see one flower – careful though, the flowers can ooze like there’s no tomorrow – but this usually happens once every few years. What I love about these plants is it’s like having a mini tree in your home. Great if you have tall rooms, you can even decorate them with fairy lights and it will feel like Christmas all year round.

10) Bamboo – tall and elegant or just short and lovely, bamboo looks so lovely and artistic. The stems twist and curl and look so beautiful. Keep your shoots topped up with water and place in clear glass vases with pebbles for a natural, peaceful look.

And there you have it! My top 10 houseplants that will instantly refresh and revive your home with zero fuss and without breaking the bank.


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