Giving your home an instant makeover is easier said than done. There are many of us who would love to be able to change up our homes at the click of a button. But it simply isn't practical – or cheap.

Even putting up shelves can be troublesome if you're not a home owner.

But that doesn't mean we should miss out on all the lovely things that having a home can bring! There are lots of little touches you can make that really bring everything together.

Top five ways to accessorise your bathroom

Bathrooms can be particularly tricky rooms to feel inspired by – especially on a budget. Their practical nature, combined with lots of tiles and not enough space makes it even more difficult to get creative!

Luckily, we've put together our top five ways for ways on how to change up you bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Storage

Accessories can quite quickly turn into clutter if you're not too careful. Make some space and give yourself some clear surfaces to work with by getting in some storage. Limited on space? An Under Sink Cabinet is a great way to get some extra storage in without taking up the whole room. Not only do they give you somewhere to put all your necessities, but they also help to give your bathroom a more homely feel.

2. Colour

By accenting your bathroom with bright colours, you can instantly change things up and give it a fresh look. But colour doesn't just have to be on the walls. By coordinating your soaps, bubble bath, towels, blind and shower curtain, you can get a new look instantly.

Small storage boxes, wash bags and even toothbrushes can also help tie your theme together.

This summer's trends are on a tropical theme with neon brights and pineapples featuring heavily. Add in a few ornaments to bring everything up to date and complete your look.

hartleys under the sink cabinet filled with lots of cultural accessories and toiletries

3. Texture

With plain white tiles and a vinyl floor, bathrooms can often look very plain – and almost always alike.

Variety doesn't just come with colour. Adding in a textured rug, waffle-white shower curtain and a few geometric holders here and there, is the perfect way to bring you bathroom to life.

Even some brand new fluffy bath towels in your chosen colour theme is perfect for instant variety and happiness.

4. Lighting

Stark bathroom lighting isn't always the nicest of things. And even though lamps aren't a practical option for the washroom, there are still plenty of ways you can soften those harsh corners.

Choose a softer light, a new lamp shade or even wall lights for a new look – instantly. You can even get floating lights for the bath. Mirrors with lights fitted behind or around them are also a great option.

And if all else fails, simply add in some candles for a cosy feel while you bathe.

5. Luxury

True luxury is simply about feeling comfortable and looked after. And the more luxurious your rooms feel, the more relaxed you'll be.

Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws can really add to your bathroom's homely feel. You might not want them in your bathroom all the time for practical reasons. But having a foldaway chair or small wooden stool that you can adorn is great for giving your bathroom that extra layer of comfort.

Outdoor cushions are a little more hardwearing so don't forget to look through picnic furniture for options that are both colourful – and waterproof!

Little changes can have a big impact and there's nothing like being creative and putting your own stamp on things.

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